Wednesday, July 18, 2012

too busy for this dreaded flu

 Kazuko and Bruce are in Japan for a few weeks and they took part in a bilke race. Here is Kazuko on the podium. Bruce crashed into a tree so he didn't manage the podium for the race

 But for travelling a long way they both got a podium award - see Bruce's knee for proof. Apparently the bike is okay.

 I have the dreaded flu given to me by Ian - it is nearly gone but I keep coughing and sneezing and we are supposed to go to the ACO tonight but I fear I will spend all night in the foyer so I am not going. Shame as I love the ACO but since I am one of the first to complain when people cough and splutter I feel it would be a bit hippocritical. The bags of Maori wool - a mix of NZ corriedale and coopworth are on of the reasons we can't see much of our dining room and kitchen floor. 80 colours and I am packaging them slowly. The embellisher loves this wool - it is soft and springy.

 And to make sure we have even less space, 7 colours of very fine prefelts (flimsies to us) rocked up as well. I have cut up 3 of them so far. Harley watches them with fear as she is sure that they will fall into her food bowl or onto her when she is eating.

finally after a long time of hunting we have our own silk cocoons and Jacinta is dyeing them up in all of our colours - we have quite a few so far. Much better price for much more cocoons.
These are fun little things. I would love to know how people use them other than what I do with them

Okay then - dreaded lurgy vanish overnight. I have far too much to do


Heather said...

Well done Kazuko and Bruce. I love those bags of wool, etc., and the silk cocoons even though I never quite know what to do with them.
Hope Harley survives the mayhem and that you both start feeling much better very soon.

Robin Mac said...

I hope saying all that worked, and the lurgi has vanished by now. I am like Heather and never quite know what to do with cocoons, but I love looking at what others have done! Congrats to Kazuko and Bruce. What a shame you had to miss the ACO. Cheers

Judy said...

Dale, good to hear you are fighting the bug. Sorry to hear Bruce hit a tree, congrats. to Kazuko for raching the podium in her own right. Every time I see lovely colours of wool for the Embellisher I want to run out and buy one, the colours are beautiful but I'm going to buy and Embellisher, I'm doing too many things now. You'd be very disappointed not getting to the concert.

Singer said...

Hope you and Ian are recovering from your nasty bout of flu.
Love those cocoons and the variety of colours Jacinta has produced.
I like to soak the cocoons, (plain or dyed), and then pull them apart, as per Sarah Lawrence's method in her book, 'Silk Paper'. The lacy effects are wonderful!!


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