Monday, July 30, 2012

not really awol

 You might think I have been awol but only on my blog. The Perth Show - aka WA Craft SHow - is on this coming weekend starting Friday and I have been pretty busy. However, as I fill up the kitchen, Ian has been moving things up to outside the studio so that we can load our giant van tomorrow in readiness for delivery on Wednesday. I am working through my list with just another 10 carded Maori wool to package. In between this I have been doing lots of other packaging, cutting, counting, wrapping etc. Ian has been weighing and packaging as well and cutting. Not his favourite jobs but I appreciate the help. Harley is managing to eat in and around the chaos. And amazingly parcels have still been arriving.

Bad light but photographed with the light on at night tonight. Then into my studio which is a bit of a mess as I sort my stuff from Christchurch (all not still away) and play with a few things I want to play with and get ready for my demos at the show. Trying to be very discplined about what I am doing and I have planned two general things each day so whenever you come there will be someting happening at my area and of course lots happening at both Jacinta and Linda's area.

To make it even more exciting there will be spot specials all over the stand whenever I get to pop them out and around and if you spend over $200 I have a big bag of goodies for you as a thank you. So hope to see lots of lovely people there.

Great rugby at the weekend and I told you Ali to have faith - the Chiefs won the semi finals and we shall be setting our video to record the final so we can relax and watch it on Saturday night after a long day at the show.

Olympics - enjoyed the opening ceremony and thought the Queen performed very well. Shame about Paul McCartney though - pasture??? We have been enjoying watching the rowing as well.

Back to work - and I nearly forgot to mention I added a new recipe the other day - one of our favourite curries.


Heather said...

The workload sounds punishing but the weekend sounds fantastic. Hope you have a great time and won't feel too tired after having flu so recently.
I think everyone thought that Paul McCartney should perhaps stick to composing.

Ali Honey said...

Yes, I think they can do it. I hope they can do it. The girls did!

Stitchety Grub said...

LOL! Soooo agree with you about Paul McCartney - we said the same - all though we did say it a few weeks ago when the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert was shown - on that occasion too - we thought Elton John wasn't much better!


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