Saturday, July 14, 2012

lovely meal

 Last Saturday we had a wonderful meal at Saggio di vino in Christchurch. We were last there just before the September earthquake and since then I know they reopened and lost it all in the Feb earthquake but just before we went to ChCh they reopened next door. Wonderful food and a lovely evening.

 This was Ian's desert

 And this was mine - the pear slice was wafer thin, delicate and delicious.

I have been flat out today - two big boxes full of sprays to tackle - this one contains the new Flat Fabios so there are now 25 colours - time to play tomorrow.

And I have been struggling with translating Italian to English and vice versa - all the new carded wool to keep me out of mischief. We will announce it when it is all sorted but suffice to say the embellisher loves it all.

Ian has the flu so he is out of action which means I am coffee deprived. Does this mean I have to learn how to make coffee myself?

Watching rugby this afternoon off and on in between all the other tasks - all so interesting.


Heather said...

Re the restaurant in Christchurch, people are so resilient in the face of disaster. Hope they will be safe now. I also hope Ian will soon be well again - yes, you'll have to learn to make coffee or find a substitute!

Penny said...

commiserations to Ian, if its like the one around here it is not fun at all.


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