Monday, July 23, 2012

Taking it slowly and a wee bit of Christchurch

 In case you missed the black 777 on a previous occasion - we just happened to run into it again in Auckland....

 Christchurch was amazing in that things weren't how you expect them. I had a lot of trouble with the Knox Church on the corner of Bealey Avenue - I didn't remember it with a big spire but it never ever looked like this even if it does have a big sign saying Open For Business. I just spent my time oggling at it. This was a busy corner for us - Saggio di Vino restaurant was on the other corner but is now next door and Smash Palace is in its place - it opens up at night - we didn't go in

 But our student haunt of the Carlton is of course gone and here is the short term replacement - clever use of containers all around town.
 Here is it at night - we didn't go in for a drink but we did go in for a look see.

 Here is the spire of the clock tower in Victoria Street - the old teachers college is a bit of a sad sight.

 Our day at Hamner Springs - pretty packed but of so lovely in the water.

 Our day trip to Lyttleton and surrounds.

 Lots of snow from the plane

The flu certainly slows you down. I thought it had gone but it is lingering in that one becomes quite tired. Yesterday we went for a walk to check out Grant's house - not that far away - but we were worn out when we got home. I am pacing myself with my jobs - I thought I was nearly finished the Maori carded wool but am in fact only half way through.... I am doing other tasks to make it more interesting and less tiring. Apparently Henny Penny says the sky will not fall in if I don't get everything on my list done before the show next week. Plus our heating was fixed today and the house is lovely and hot again - I don't think it had been working properly for some time.

I have posted an offer on facebook for the WA Craft SHow if you are planning to come....

My brain is very busy wanting to create but my body is dragging the chain - try tomorrow as I have a long list in my journal. I guess normal service will resume soon.


Doreen G said...

Stephen said he read somewhere that they are calling this flu"the 100 days flu" I hope not because I think I am coming down with it.
We are off to Melbourne in the morning for 5 days-am looking forward to the change in scenery.

Heather said...

It must be very sad to revisit Christchurch and not find all your favourite haunts.
Beautiful photos as usual - the hot springs must be wonderful.
Take care of yourselves - one day at a time.

Robin Mac said...

How sad to see Christchurch so changed - they were using containers very innovatively even after the first earthquake when we visited. I hope that flu is really not a 100 day event, you want to be back up and running longbe fore that. Cheers

Lexa said...

Here we are hoping for heat and you have the furnace on! Take care of the flu as it keeps biting if you don't rest it out.


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