Saturday, July 07, 2012

Christchurch revisited

We have been exploring today after a sleep in, breakfast and a visit to the conference venue to make we know where to go on Monday. We drove to Sumner and obviously were amazed at the damage we saw and the undulating roads. This is the beach at Sumner - lots of surfers in action.

Lovely day today - sunshine and lots of people out and about.

We drove to Lyttleton and around the bays

Looks beautiful and peaceful doesn't it?

Drove back over the hill to ChCh - that is ChCh in the valley

We found a mountain bike trail for Bruce and Kazuko

Then we walked in the centre of ChCh for a nostalgic trying to work out where things were. - here is the cathedral.

More exploring to do - it is difficult to landmark places because so m uh has gone but we met a lady who was full bottle with lots of info which was great.


Heather said...

Beautiful coastal scenery Dale but the destruction in the city and elsewhere must have been very sobering.

Robin Mac said...

When you drove to Lyttleton could you go through the tunnel or has that been completely destroyed? Sad pictures, but nice to know you are enjoying yourselves. Cheers


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