Sunday, July 01, 2012

signing in on a sunday

What an exciting rugby game yesterday and no one more happy than Captain Conrad when the Hurricanes beat the Crusaders. It was wonderful and Bruce and I were pretty sure that the Crusaders would manage to get that long penalty over. Then there was cucumber cool Beaudon - good phrase whoever wrote it.
Then we went to the oval to watch the Force lose. oh dear.

I have been busy not just watching rugby. Here are all my kits all ready for my class in Christchurch. Lots of cutting and packing and counting.

Lesson prep though - someone - it may have been Jean - sent me a wonderful paper napkin - I really would like a whole packet of course. I scanned it and printed it onto Tissutex then twin needled it to make a scroll. The inside is also Tissutex. If you have read or do read my article in Down Under Textiles you will be the full bottle on my ever so favourite surface. You can see I have even stitched little paua beads on the bottom.

Then over the top I laid my water soluble grid started in my Romeo class and now finished. It is floating loose - I do like layers. And I am getting ready for the green countryside hoping it isn't all white with snow.

I made some beads to match and rolled it up for a scroll - just waiting for the paper cast slip to dry.

and I spent ages creating a Supa Foil intro kit - this is fabulous stuff - light laminated acid free metal sheets which can easily be embossed and stitched to a surface or on Romeo.

Finally Ian made me climb a ladder to hold a light for him - even Harley looked horrified. I survived thought and it is in my interest becasue now I can see what I am doing in the kitchen.....


Heather said...

Your scroll is absolutely beautiful. It suggests a precious and ancient Maori artefact even though it is made with the most modern materials and techniques. The effect is stunning.

Robin Mac said...

I love your scroll, wonderful use of tissuetex. I hope you have a fabtastic time in NZ, even though Christchurch will probably be heartbreaking. I look forward ro beieng able to climb a ladder again, should only be a few more weeks now. cheers


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