Monday, July 09, 2012

For a swim

Yesterday we drove to Hamner Springs for a swim in the hot pools. The snow on the mountains looked great

Looking back at the bridge - they do bungy jumping off this bridge

Another spekky view. Had a great sit in lots of different temperature pools including a hydro one and the sulphur one - but it was packed. Freezing feet though walking to the pools.

Today was day one of my class and we had lots of fun and I think they all enjoyed themselves - spray colours and tissutex etc tomorrow.

Location:Hamner Springs


Heather said...

The scenery is breathtaking. Love the idea of sitting in a warm pool but I'll give the bungy jumping a miss.

Unknown said...

Remember driving over that bridge :) Great coffee there too! Enjoy your time.

Robin Mac said...

Only crazy people bungyjump! I am not even sure I want to try the hot pools, too cold getting there! gorgeous scenery in that part of the world though.


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