Sunday, July 15, 2012

My workshop in Christchurch

Just sharing some of the wonderful work which my students in Christchurch created in An Artful Journey.

I love this one- adding black gossamer fuse over the top - fascinating to see how people interpret the same thing.

I will post some more tomorrow before you get exhausted. My apologies for not naming any pieces.

Virginia - you asked how it went - I wasn't trading (that's another story) but it didn't seem that busy - I certainly sold pretty well what I had in my class and we were almost 20 kilos lighter coming back and I did buy a heap of hand dyed fabrics. It was a funny conference for me - I felt like I was just there unrelated - would have liked to have met some of the other tutors and be part of the atmosphere as you imagine that is what it is all about. Maybe I am wrong.

Been very busy today - I opened and started sorting two large boxes of sprays - we now have 25 Flat Fabios and 3 new Glitz Spritz.

Then I tackled the new fabulous carded wool - there should be 80 colours and we are one short and the invoice is in English and the labels on the wool in Italian. After spreading them all around the kitchen and dining room I have finally sorted which one is missing. Certainly looks colourful if very cluttered. Next to start packaging it all. This carded wool is fabulous for needle felting and for felting especially for structured work.

Harley was pleased to see us back - apparently she sat in the window looking longingly out whenever Patricia arrived to feed her - she certainly doesn't look any thinner but she is hopping in and out of her door no dramas.

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Heather said...

Such variety and innovation in your students' work. They must all have had a great time. What a nightmare having to go through everything to find what was missing. I daresay you get used to that sort of thing. Time for feet up, cuddle with Harley and a glass of wine?


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