Thursday, July 26, 2012

silk hankies

 This is a basket of silk hankies - part of a pile waiting to be packaged. I have been fascinated by the hankies for ages and have not done heaps with them. I have made silk paper and trapped things between layers but not a lot more. I want to make a flower but it is alluding me.

 So I used the new Maori carded wool for a backing and laid a layer of hankie - Jewel - on top and embellished it mostly from behind. Very pleased with the contrast of wool fibre and the sheen of the silk. So I will explore this further.

Then I pulled two very fine layers apart and trapped some merino wool in between - the wool is Carnivale and the hankies are Indian Summer. And then I wet felted - yes Jacinta - wet felted. I am really pleased with this little piece and am not sure whether to lay it over something else or stitch directly into it. It is fragile but the lacey effect on the wool is rather delightful.

All this in between my packaging - I have nearly finished all the Maori wool and each day I do a few other things to break the monotony. I guess I will be as ready as I can for the show next week! 


Heather said...

Your experiments are beautiful Dale and very inspiring. The colours are gorgeous. Hope you are beginning to feel stronger and have lost the cough.

Judy said...

Dale, the colours in your experimental piece the further applications you do on it.


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