Thursday, November 11, 2010

that time of the year in Perth

it's Jacaranda tree time in Perth and they are out in flower absolutely everywhere - except for ours - it has lots of leaves and is a lovely tree and we cherish its presence but it hasn't flowered for a few years now. So instead I enjoy all the ones out and about and appreciate the privacy it gives us in our back garden especially when we are sitting outside in the evening. Amazingly it rained yesterday and this morning . I will have to take back my words about dry dry although I don't think we will get much more.

Ian has been working extremely hard today loading all  the beautiful new Scottish buttons onto the web. There are cards of and single big ones and each is unique. I have chosen one for me so that one is not there but it will appear in some work before too long. This is a big square one. I have made very slow progress on the sari ribbon book and need to get working. today I seem to have been flat out packaging and stuff.

Facebook has been keeping me busy - I linked to bloglines supposedly to my personal facebook but it has popped up on The Thread Studio one instead. Naturally I can't seem to remove it. That's my trouble - bull in a china shop. Off to prepare for tonight's bbq - a little cool and windy but doesn't matter.


Heather said...

The tree is breathtaking - so beautiful. All our trees are almost bare - after a lovely sunny day yesterday it's been wet and very windy today with leaves, twigs and small branches blown down. That's a gorgeous button, and so unusual.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

That is one yummy button, I'm waffling do I buy buttons and think how to use or think up a project to include at least one and then buy and find they have all gone. Glad you had some rain, and the Jacarandas in the street a beautiful.


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