Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Happy Wedding Anni

Kaz and Bruce - 8 years - that is a long time - hope you have a wonderful day - still both looking radiant. We will have a toast to you tonight.

Very laconic here - must be the result of Grant having a birthday or is it the weather? He has gone back to Singapore now - plane was 2 hours late leaving - Qantas - who else?

I have been packaging pebbles and twigs and the new Angelina colours but not much else. And drooled over the new buttons. There are all sorts of colours but these are some of the monochromatic buttons. I have sorted them all out and popped them on Ian's desk.....


Anonymous said...

Thanks mum.
You must be having better bubbles than ours. Cheers for us all!!!
Bruce spoiled me today. I came home from work after 7pm and sparkling white and dinner was on the table, apple crumble was in the oven.
Will write to you soon.
Kaz xxxxxxxxxxx

Heather said...

Kaz and Bruce make a lovely couple - congrats to them on their anniversary. I love the textures on those buttons. I've wondered about making some from shrink plastic for purely decorative purposes. You could get some really tiny ones that way.

niudundun said...

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OHH Dale, I want these, do they come from Scotland? The picture makes them look like little people, very inspiring


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