Monday, November 22, 2010

Some gardening

Thought I would show my weekend's gardening - not much really but I have been planitng herbs and stuff and stacked them all together so they get water and anyway it is always nice to sit out amongst the herbs and smell those that do. I am a little late with planitng basil so hope that 2 pots means we will get some - I use it a lot.

this is the other side of the decking where we like to sit - there is a tomato somewhere as well. They get plenty of water now that Ian has set up his new trusty system. And our lime tree (thanks Bruce and Kazuko) which has lots of little limes I hope and our lemon tree which has bigger lemons. There's a lovely little curry tree too which I love the smell of and we use it in lots of our curries.

Another little playing with deColourant - using a screen I bought at Ally Pally - I left one part just the gel and the other I added some yellow paint - the continuing possibilities are enormous.

We are all a little dis-jointed here - Kane is one of the miners in Pike River and we can only feel for Barb and Brian and Aunty Shirley and everyone else - hope is all we have really and with 4 days having passed.....


Heather said...

Your own supply of lemons and limes - what a treat. Fresh picked herbs always taste and smell the best. I love that screen design. The Pike River mine disaster was on our news at the weekend - I pray that the miners will all be rescued and my thoughts are with them and their families. Such an awful time for everyone concerned.

Sandy said...

I'm putting all my hopes on the miners' rescue.

liniecat said...

Strange but I reckon the world will be watching too since the chilean rescue operation prodded our thinking processes. Its brought home to so many of us, how dangerous miners jobs are, though we should have recognised that anyway.
I truly hope they manage to find at very least, some of them alive, but I also hope they manage to retrieve all the guys, so that if needs be, their loved ones can cherish them one last time.


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