Sunday, November 14, 2010

little sari ribbon book finished

I have been quite determined to finish this little sari ribbon book. No doubt I will now think of lots more things you can do with a hank of sari ribbon (that's not true - I already have many other things you can do but not for this little project). Doesn't the ribbon look great unravelled? Ironing the hank takes longer than anything else but you can dip in from all over when you need specific shades. We have nearly sold all of this colour range but there should be a new big shipment here in the next couple of weeks - takes a while because they overdye the sari ribbon. I think I have chosen about 10 different sets of colours/shades.

Part of one page - the green pops up and it great.

Front cover - that is the cord of my trusty Versa Tool because I simply had to make flower stitch circles on kunin felt to feed my cords through. Can you see the dear little button hole rings on the page? I found a few more in my stash so have packets to sell - they sold out very fast at AQC this year andthis really will be the last of them.

Some twin needling here and some more of the little buttonhole rings - they are vintage ones which I have sprayed with Moonglow sprays. One of the things about the sari ribbon is the myriad of colours which are in each hank. Sometimes they look like nothing when you pick them up but once you start unravelling them it is pretty exciting.

Last night we had a bbq and then went indoors to read our books and promptly fell asleep - fortunately Jonathan phoned us as he and Tom were waiting at Grant's for us to arrive with the key and the chairs so we could watch the Wallabies/England rugby game. Grant has cleared everything out of his house as he has tenants coming in a few weeks and moved it all to his other house where work will soon be starting so all that is left are our wine glasses and now 4 deck chairs. England played very well - great running game - and I liked their costumes as well - much nicer than that white stuff - I think it makes them look thinner, fitter, faster etc etc.  And they deserved to win.

This morning we had a news blackout until 10.30am because we could not stay awake to watch the ABs/Scotland game and after a lovely breakfast at Veritas we wandered back to Grant's to watch the rugby. Brilliant game of course.... We are going to have to do something about Foxtel soon - maybe back to Grant's other house.....


Heather said...

Your book is exquisite Dale - I would love to be able to hold it and look at it. The colours are amazing and I love the stitching and additions you have worked on each page. My husband was a very happy bunny with the rugby result as you might imagine. His home side won their game too. Good weekend.

Doreen G said...

I couldn't live without Foxtel Dale and when you do decide to get it get the IQ as well it is a must.


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