Wednesday, November 17, 2010

playing time

This morning I said I was off to play in the studio and I did actually get there and do a few things. I have been playing some more with the de Colourant, adding my own paints to it to see  if they worked and i was pleased witht he results. Because the Opulent paints from Kraftkolour are available again, i have been desperate to play with them some more. They have new packaging so I will have to use up my old ones so I can have some of the new ones. I dutifully made a proper colour chart at last for Ian to pop on the web and then I got to play. The little sample at the top is a thermofax screen to which I have added some yellow paint.

I used screens, stencils and stamps with de Colourant on its own and mixed with paint on hand dyed fabric.This one is a stencil - the top was quite heavily rubbed through with just the de Colourant and I used my fingers becasue I had a bit of a mess in front of me and couldn't see anything else. In the bottom part I mixed light gold paint in as well. I have washed these and the handle of the fabric is very good.

I used another screen here and added a little pearlised paint this time. I also played with stamps but have yet to iron these ones. I am pleased with the results and I think it would be worth trying whatever paints you have in your collection.

As well as that I am working on lesson 1 for Hot Needles, Cool Stitches - my next stage embellisher class which will start, I think, in January.I have a loads of samples at different stages and I know people are waiting.I am also getting The Holey Moley Club info ready to go on the web. I can't decide whether to start in January or March. There will be 6 workshops full of lots of things including a guest running for 2 months each.

Finally - with regards to Down Under Textiles #3 - weh ave had half of our order delivered by Aussie Post - the other half is coming with a courier (one we would NEVER use and I am surprised they used them again after the last debacle). Apparently they shuold be here Friday but maybe Monday - what this means is that half of you will not have your mags - I suggest you get creative while you wait!

Tonight we are off to the final ACO concert - should be great


Doreen G said...

I love these Dale especially the top one.

Heather said...

These paint samples are gorgeous - I love the swirly stencil design. I'm amazed you have time to be creative but so glad you do!

Unknown said...

These are just lovely Dale. What an adventure to live in a Warehouse for Fibreartists! Endless yummy materials to play with.


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