Monday, November 08, 2010

a bit of this and a bit of that

I promised to show more of what you could do with a hank of sari ribbon - I am making  a book with the mushroom coloured one we sell. It's amazing the myriad of colours in one hank. Can't wait until the shipment comes - takes a while becasue they are all hand dyed. but we do have this one of course.

Not so easy to see but I did a sort of log cabin and cut it up. i am making the pages 2 sided so of course it takes longer than you think to make something which might resembel a little book.

A pile of parcels today - some new goodies and some old but one was full of beautiful buttons from Scotland - in singles and on cards. They are wonderful and I shall encourage Ian to give them a priority for the web. All set in resin and washable. Just a tad yummy for sure and I know they will feature in my work somewhere.

Mags (digital gran) took some pics of us at Ally Pally - here is Ian probably persuading a customer not to use her credit card - the rate sure was better if you could pay cash. This was early on day 1 so plenty of stock still.
and I am holding a flimsie and they surely didn't last for long - that's some of out wool on the walls - the only place we can display it - pretty bare by the end of the show.

Ann and Lexa - thanks for your lovely words - you know my secret - but I am so excited and honoured to be invited to teach. The time will pass pretty fast and soon be May 2012. It was indeed great to meet you, Ann, in London.

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Heather said...

Scrummy post Dale. I wouldn't have thought of using sari ribbons like that - great idea and great result. Those buttons are gorgeous and your stall at Ally Pally is likewise. I'd have bankrupted us if I'd been there - love the look of the flimsies.


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