Saturday, November 20, 2010

muggy and nature

Yesterday we had a temperature of 39 and it still isn't summer and today is sticky but better and it might rain. I have finally been off to the nursery to buy my herbs and veges - planting in pots. We have the plan for the back garden but it might be a while until the landscaper can do it especially at this time of the year but we are really pleased with the way the front garden is beefing up apart from the spaces where the kangaroo paws will need to be replanted. This is the time of the year when nature does its thing and the bark falls off the eucalyptus trees - the changing colour is always wonderful and then the trees are bare and smooth - only thing is the bark falls everywhere and we have to run around and collect it up - one year I really pulverised it for paper making but it was a lot of work and I had to soak it in caustic soda for quite some time. Don't think I will this year.
The pattern on this tree outside the studio loks a little like the edge of my kunin felt having attacked it with my Versa Tool. Nature has so much to teach you.
It's quite amazing really is nature.

Grant is down from Singapore for the weekend and he brought me a lovely surprise - my christmas present rather early - an i-pad. Lots more to learn and of course my i-phone has decided to play up once again so it might have to go to hospital on Monday. I am a very spoilt girl for sure.

Off to watch the rugby tonight  - the Wallabies are playing Italy and then we will have a news black out and watch the All blacks in  the morning.

It's pretty terrible news about the Pike River Mine - we drove past there on the way to Reefton in August - a very anxious time for everyone involved in the rescue.


joanlil said...

I love photos of bark and these are particularly lovely. Thanks.

Heather said...

The peeling bark is so attractive but I can imagine you wouldn't want it all over your garden. Hope there is good news from the mine rescue. It hasn't reached our bulletins though we did hear about the one in Chile.

Ann said...

On another West Coast further North we are seeing the first snowfall, with lots of wind and cold - about -1C
we don't often get any snow, but "they" say it will be a long, cold one this year. I guess it's started. Could be a lot, lot worse.

liniecat said...

Why not layer the bark between sheets of felt and fabric and then steam it? You will rewarded with serendipity am sure. India Flints book Eco Dyeing has laods of tips for doing just this.
Otherwise would you consider selling it to me please? !!!
Even if its mouldy by the time it reaches me in Uk, that too will add to the dye results and fabric can always sit in the freezer a day or two to kill off anythi9ngt unwanted!


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