Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rich in Stitch

I forgot to mention the other day that we went to the opening of the Designing Women exhibition - Rich in Stitch. There is some excellent work to be seen - some very talented ladies. I have stolen a photo from Joan's blog of Juliet Hargaves 2 pieces - I hope you don't mind Joan. As usual I forgot my camera - if I took my handbag then I would have my phone but then I might leave my handbag somewhere - sort of a hen and chicken situation. I also loved both of Juliet's other works as well. Plus there were lots of others - so if you are in Perth, do go visit.

I am working with puff paint again this week - on different usrfaces and with different media. Always exciting to see what happens.

Sadly the situation at the Pike River mine has not changed. Our feelings on the situation (I think the policeman in charge used that word many many times in one of his press conferences) have not changed and we cannot believe that nothing is actually happening - fancy bringing in a robot which looks like something kids might have knocked up in their spare time and then a little water drips on it (water in a mine? amazing) and it stops.....


Robin Mac said...

Great picture of those works - shame it is too far away for me to visit! I am glad you are able to concentrate on some pleasant creativity during this unhappy time. Cheers, Robin
PS I have been catching up a bit on your older blogs, love the picture of the jacarandah - we had 16 of them in our garden at home, you didn't walk around the lawn in bare feet during flowering time - my sister was always getting bee stings!

Heather said...

I love the piece of work on the right of your picture. Hope there will soon be some encouraging news from Pike River mine - it's a desperate situation.

ElizH said...

Hi Dale
Exactly where in Perth is the "Rich in Stitch" exhibition? My sister has just moved over there and might be interested, but she wont know where the galleries are yet.


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