Sunday, March 13, 2011

Soujourn in Double Bay

This is actually in Sydney when we went for a walk in the gardens near the Opera House. Very hot and sticky it is.

This morning I went for an early walk to the yacht club. This the 18footers league club - the home of the 18ft skiffs. Very friendly club - very noisy at night when all the yachties get inside to have a drink and talk about the stories of the sailing day.

On the other side of the clubhouse. The ferry to town goes from the end of the jetty and also the spectator boat leaves here for each race. Yesterday Slam came 5th which makes them third at the moment after they have all discarded their worst race (the one they had to withdraw from when they broke an essential wire). So today's race will be exciting and also for the two boats who are neck and neck.

All the skiffs sleeping quietly overnight after working hard. Double Bay is an interesting place - not just for the yachts... It is the fashion Mecca of Sydney where you can see all the big name clothes at double the price and the place is full of overdressed people in flash cars including the sort of 4 wheel drives which are never likely to see an ounce of bush.

Here is Slam relaxing in the morning sun getting for one more day's work. Last night we all went to Thai Fiveways restaurant - very nice food.

There is a Gary Castles shoe shop on the corner and I like to look at the shoes so in case you thought I was slipping I have found a pair of red shoes. Not mine though.....

I have had many emails from so many of you lovely people asking after Bruce and Kazuko. Thank you so much for your care. Bruce is safe and sound in Perth and Kazuko and her family safe in Sapporo. Sapporo is on Hokkaido - the northern island of Japan. It has been the most dreadful of earthquakes with such a devastating tsunami. Dreadful to watch the scenes on television. Can things get much worse in the world? I think I asked that the other day. The planet sure is angry.

Finish on a lighter note. Wonderful win by the Crusaders on Friday and the Hurricanes yesterday although they were slow to get going. Late last night after dinner we watched the Force/Blues games - felt very sorry for the Force - they deserved to win. C'est la vie.....



Erica Spinks said...

It's not called Double Pay for nothing, Dale! Enjoy your stay in our humid city.

Ali Honey said...

I'm glad your loved ones are safe. I guess you quite enjoyed the rugby result too!

Heather said...

Sydney looks very peaceful in the morning sunshine. Love those shoes though I doubt I could even stand up in them, let alone walk!! So relieved for you that Bruce and Kazuko are safe - I am almost afraid to watch the TV news for fear of what I will see and hear next. It must surely be the very worst natural disaster anywhere on earth. It makes you feel guilty that life goes on quite normally for the rest of us. Good luck to SLAM for their next races.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Love the shoes but I'd never be willing to pay Double Bay Prices. Lovely to hear Bruce and Kazuko are safe. Nice beach where the Yacht Club is. Lovely city Sydney, I was born and did some of my growing up there.


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