Wednesday, March 23, 2011

enveloped by parcels and new stuff

It's been a very busy week so far - the hot sticky weather came back  after a couple of days of reprieve but I do have a mostly new tooth so cannot complain. First I have been creating and gathering samples for my article in the Embellish magazine - here I have been playing with nail varnish - not a very good photo but it does make great seaweed and stuff.

We have had loads of parcels and new stuff arrive and I have been busy unpacking and Ian is getting them on the web. One lot was QA#50 which has all been sent out now - there are a few copies left if anyone wants one. It's just as well I nabbed flower Power a while back for The Holey Moley Club because I see this issue is all about Flower Power. I reckon I got in first....

Then we got a huge lot of Starburst Colour Shots and Moonshadow Ink Pots. These are the same mix as the sprays but you can add water or textile medium or acrylic wax etc and paint it on. I find these really great when I want a different type of coverage. Same price etc and still the same great thing where you add your liquid and you are not paying for liquid to be carted around the world. Just a tiny thing for our planet - it needs help these days. Keeps the price sensible too.

Then we got our Dotties - little jars for whenever you need dots and lines. Clever and easy.

plus a whole lot more Karantha moulding mats - this is Squiggly - I have had time to use any of them yet - there are faces and flowers and more. I will. I am still working on flowers especially roses and have a great little idea I am playing with (tomorrow) with my Paris flowers. Need more hours in each day. But off to bbq instead with a glass of Eldertons Shiraz from MY cellar collection.

ps lots of people have asked - the new fabric kit should be ready tomorrow.


Heather said...

Lovely post Dale. The seaweed is great and the new QA sounds good - I'll get mine next week hopefully. The Starbursts and Moonshadows are so versatile packed dry and I love all the Karantha moulds.

Judy said...


Some tempting new goodies here, and I see you went ok at the dentist. Looking forward to QA arriving.


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