Friday, March 18, 2011

cool bananas

Cool bananas indeed. This is a very old expression from years ago which I saw mentioned in the North and South magazine. Long forgotten so needs revising. Use it as you will.

This is a new Slushie bag - yes Jacinta, the shipment has arrived and there are 9 of these and 2 are winding their way to Warrandyte. Plus we sent a big bag off to a new customer in Russia today. Isn't the world small?
Ian tells me the delivery chap was a wimp and he had to do all the opening the box and carting them into the warehouse. Sounds like the latest taxi drivers we have had - no pay until they get out of their car and get our bags from the boot.

I have been painting colour tags for the new little paints - Precious Metals is what they are called and they are full of very strong pigment and metal. You can use them on glass and clay and wood and all sorts. I like the colours as well,

Thanks for all the supportive emails on the workshop front - I have had over 200 today and I thank you all. I have recoevered from meltdown for the moment but my list of to do is very very long. In the meantime I shall relax and enjoy the rugby and then a bbq.


Sue said...

My eldest uses the expression, "Cool beans" - same genus?

Hugs xxx

Heather said...

I haven't heard of 'cool bananas' and thought you were going to give us a new recipe!! Love those new paint colours - they sound very versatile. Enjoy your bbq.

Singer said...

First heard the expression 'Cool Bananas' in NZ way back in the early 1990's

Dorothy said...

Re Cool Bananas. When I was growing up my mother who grew up in rural Victoria used a lot of colloquial sayings but that is a new one to me. So what is saying? Is it like a Cool Dude as many say today?

Judy said...


So pleased to hear you have recovered from meltdown, I know you enjoyed the Rugby, and hope the to do list is out of your way quickly.


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