Tuesday, March 15, 2011

parcels parcels parcels

Yesterday and today have been very exciting - lots of parcels - some restock and some brand new stuff. Not all boxes opened as yet. Most exciting was the shipment of sari ribbon - 7 new overdyed colours including Vanilla Beans and Old Roses (have to create names for the other 6). Should be on the web very soon but just email me as I know lots of people are chasing them and they probably won't last long and I will have to go through the drama once again.We still had things not sent but there are matching colours in silk twist as well - haven't pulled them out yet. And no - I am not cooking David Thompson Thai meal tonight but a curry. I must take that off my bench. There is a Moroccan cook book on that pile as well.

We also received a big pile of hand made buttons from the Scottish Highlands - some similar to what we have had before but these snazzy ones are quite different. Ian has managed to load the new Paperartsy mini stamps and the new Hot Block kit but lots to come.

Grant is off to Singapore tomorrow and then to London so we won't see him until October. We had to bring his bike back with us - thank goodness for mums and dads.....


Heather said...

Those sari ribbons and buttons are gorgeous Dale. I know you work hard but working with such lovely items must make it very pleasant (when things go right, of course). The more we do for our kids now, the more we can hold them to ransome later!! Only joking.

Stitch1Peta said...

Hi Dale
just sent you an email can I please have a hank of the really light coloured sari ribbon


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