Thursday, March 03, 2011


This morning I ran an embellisher workshop at Janome in Balcatta - thanks Wendy for organising it. Most of the class had had their machines for quite some time I think and they had fun playing, I made up kits and took a box of stuff for htem to use so everything had a ring of my colour scheme to it - but they did some wonderful stuff and her are some to share.

my theme was flowers and we sort of made fabric and a bookmark. It's amazing how everyone's work turns out different.
these are great flowers - rolled roses I guess.

thanks ladies - it was great.

The autumn weather is not so nice - very draining. I managed to send the newsletter out today with very bad proofreading in my email - sorry about that - the brain is still fried.

Product of the Month is running alittle late - I have sent out about half so if you haven't one yet it will be coming very soon.


Heather said...

I could do with that workshop! I must reread your book on the subject. Love all those samples - your ladies obviously had a great day.

Sandy said...

Wonderful work. Wish I were closer.

Mary said...

Just reminded me of the online workshop I did, must go and play again! Our autumn weather in Melbourne is so strange - it is COLD today!! We have had a cool summer, not that I am complaining, I have been reading about your weather and feeling sorry for you all.

Judy said...


Some lovely work from your Embellishing Workshop, good teacher. Know what you mean about unsettled Autumn weather but ours is the other way, so cool, today is our warmest day for a week, hope your weather cool a little but not as much as our has.


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