Monday, March 07, 2011

holiday rubbish

Just discovered it's a public holiday here in the wild west - I am sure we had one not long ago but it does explain why there was no-one about when I went to get the papers. I am not sure if they have these in the rest of the world but we have rubbish collections here  a couple of times a year - these are the sights which greet me outside our front gate. Stuff goes out a week or so early and people come by and take stuff away or disperse it into a mess - I expect a lot of it goes into the back yard of the place at the back of this picture - you have to see the rubbish this guy collects to believe it (the home of the yappy dog).

Down at the corner - Ian has put some old gate frames out - his rusty wobbly-wheeled wheelbarrow disappeared fast and I think his rusty falling apart hibachi bbq has gone as well. The one he bought for $20 - he had to pay $90 yesterday for his brand spanking new one.

More stuff - what do you do with you computer monitor these days? Put it out in the rubbish of course - there are dozens up and down the road.
Of course, some of our local wanderers use the opportunity for a sleep, especially after a hard day's night.
And I can guarantee you that as soon as the council have taken the collection away, someone up the back lane will dump a no-longer wanted piece of furniture...happens every time.

I downloaded a panorama app for my i-phone and thought I would try it out - didn't really work but I do have 2 cars the same. Obviously with my photographic skills I need to practise more.

Back to making flower paper - much better idea.


Dorothy said...

Hi Dale
It never ceases to amaze me what goes out on these street rubbish collections and what amazes me more is what others pick up as treasures,and the scattering is so annoying. Hope the contractor doesn't take too long to do the pickup.

Hilary Metcalf said...

You let Ian put rusty stuff out on the street as garbage???!! Dale, what were you thinking?!

Judy said...

HI! Dale,

Wonderful entertaiment on your walk for the paper, wish we had these collections here our, just gets dumped in one of our many sheds, the nightmare comes if we ever move.

Heather said...

My husband would be in heaven, trying to decide which bits of wood looked the most useful and then wondering how to store them in the garage and still be able to get the car in!!

Judy said...

You asked what people do with old monitors. In Ontario Canada, we are lucky to be able to recycle all our old electronics. They can recover and reuse up to 95% of the techno-junk. Some companies here are making it their specialty and they are making money doing it. I hope that the ability to do this comes to your neck of the world before the landfill sites get polluted. Ask at you computer tech store if they can send it away for you.
Happy stitching everyone.


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