Saturday, March 26, 2011

rugby cricket and romeo

Watched the schizophrenic Hurricanes play yesterday - I am starting to wonder if I am their only supporter - Bruce has siphoned himself off to the Crusaders the coward. Surely they must come good sometime - there are so many good players there... But great stuff for the Black Caps especially as I don't really follow any cricket.

Doreen sent me a pic of she and me when they came to dinner last Sunday - we had a lovely night. Then she went wandering in the shop.

I have been playing with Romeo water soluble. One of the things I really like is that you can apply paint to it - I have used one of the new Karantha stamps (not on web yet) with the Opulence paints. Because it is slow dissolving, the paint stays and you can stitch on it or to a surface and when you wash Romeo away you are left with a raised surface of paint. Great 3D really. This piece below is a different one but same. The one above is drying.

Lots of rugby today - I have managed to lose my woven vanilla beans and old roses piece - it must turn up sooner of later - Ian has been doing lots of photographing for my new let's play book. Anyway I have been playing with some of it for Paris roses. Just needed to add that lovely Paris lace Rae sent. She is sending more for all the people who wanted to buy mine. I think I might just make up some special Paris packs of Paris goodies. Watch the web. The special new  fabric kits are ready on the website under Moulding to Impress because that s what I am doing - impressing on the fabric and heating to impress.


Heather said...

Lucky Doreen - love the photos. What would we do without someone like you who tries out products and then shares her secrets with us? The effect of Opulence paints on Romeo is fantastic. You'll find your vanilla beans piece when you're looking for something else.

Doreen G said...

Now that is a couple of good looking ladies you have pictured there.

Dorothy said...

Hi Dale

Nice to see your photograph with Doreen. no doubt she had a fun time in the shop. Love the sample of the Romeo, when I saw the heading my thoughts flew as to who Romeo was in relation to sport, not really focussed am I this morning after a very full and exhausting week.

Judy said...


Love the yummy result of Romeo, Opulence Ink, has my mind running, but no space to work just now, re doing my workshop out of living area and its all a jummble. I'm sure you aren't the only Hurricanes supporter, and like most teams they'll get a winning streak somewhere.


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