Monday, February 28, 2011

Last day of Summer

It's the last day of summer today - will this mean autumnal feelings in the morning? Let's see.....
I thought I would share our candelit dinner in Bali on our last night - here we were by the pool with candles alight and chef making sure we were happy. We had a big heart made from bourgainvillea flowers and frangipanis everywhere.

Flat out today - we will be slowly sending out all the special newsletter people orders as we go. Plus Embellish magazine arrived as well - they have all been posted out. I have an article in it once again. We have a few spare copies if anyone wants one.

I spent yesterday playing with and testing a new product and think I have nearly made my decision - just a bit more play. It is good experimenting with new things. I shoudl have some pieces to show soon.


Heather said...

Lovely photo Dale - happy holiday memories for you both. It's quite chilly again here so we are looking forward to Spring though there have already been one or two days when you could feel warmth from the sun.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Looks a lovely way to have dinner, you need Perth or Bali weather though. The wind is trying to blow Tassie off the map today, just cant imagine dinnig out doors let alone light a candle.


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