Monday, February 14, 2011


Jacinta - the master/mistress dyer - and I are working on a city series. I can have the ideas but she comes up with  the magical results. I just own the broomstick to make her work hard. This is Paris - isn't it beautiful? I don't need a new theme to play with really but I know that I will. This is the slushie

I think I thought this was the wool but it looks like a slushie - anyway all brilliant and soon to be on our website in Fibres section. Jacinta bought a wonderful photo of Paris as a starting point and if you go to her blog you can see the top she made as well. Maybe I can persuade her to wear it to AQC in April?

and finally the silk tops. I can't wait to work with it - maybe I could work some shoes in somewhere as Paris and shoes go together for me. It is so subtle so thanks Jacinta for another wonderful colour. Now to see when Rae gets to dye the fabrics and threads........ to match.


Heather said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous fibres and yes, Paris is a beautiful city though I have never been there myself.

Linda said...

Isn't it an excellent colour combination, and very true to the photograph [expect nothing less from Jacinta]. I'm still ogling the wisteria from the other day - I REALLY like that one!!

Judy said...


They so lovely the Paris theme, soft and soothing looking, you give us something to look forward to when you begin to work with them. Jacinta is magical with her dyes for sure.


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