Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the things you have to do because you simply have to do them

The rugby starts on Friday and as many of my readers know - this is something we are pretty passionate about. My team - the Hurricanes - is first off the rack and this year Ian has chosen his team at the very beginning so let's hold him to it - the Crusaders. However, we have lost the use of fox sports now that Grant's house is no longer available to us and today Ian was up bright and early vacuuming because the foxtel man was coming to install it all. Amazingly he must have thought the guy would notice..... And he made his fresh coffee for him. The poor man could only find one spot for the dish as our trees apparently muck things up. Then he nearly electrocuted himself and our computers etc all stopped when the power did. He seemed to recover okay. The strange thing with our place is that when the power comes back on, the cd player starts up - Leonard Cohen who else - and this time a video starting playing on my computer - not one that I am familiar with and it took me ages to get rid of it. The upshot is that we have high def foxtel and are all ready for Friday afternoon. Plus the power plug which has been hanging precariously from the wall is now all neat and in place. Nice man....

What's this mess, you ask? Well, it's notmy desk but my floor - yesterday I was working on kImberley Dreaming stuff and when I looked in my KD box I discovered it was in a bad way so I had to tip everything out on the floor to find what I wanted.

Up on my table this time with some of the bits and pieces I found. I should never had created such a mess - I usually put things away all neat and tidy. That will teach me.

Happy Birthday Jacinta - I expect you are out having a good time and not dyeing today.

Don't forget you can still leave a comment for the One World One Heart to be in the draw on 17th. Just scroll down a few entries.


Heather said...

Glad no humans were injured during the foxtel dish installation and that all is as it should be again - I hope you and Ian will be gracious winners when your team wins!! Those KD colours are gorgeous and it's heartening to know that even you make a mess sometimes.

Unknown said...

So glad the "guy" didn't end up a mess ... did he get any of the coffee?

Dorothy said...

You will be in your element having Foxtel at your fingertips.and the trials and tribulations of the installation will soon be a distant memory Encouraging to know mess is not only in my sewing space, that others struggle with mess even if it's only occasionly.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

I know you enjoy your Rugby, and it would be great on Foxtel. my daughter is a RUGBY FAN (Broncos)
and she prfers to watch it on Austar, we don't get Foxtel where we are, and our reception leaves a lot to be desired.

Kimberly Dreaming Colours in your box are luscious.


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