Sunday, February 13, 2011

Slam again and hearts

SLAM was 4th this afternoon on Sydney harbour - it's an interesting photo in that it is not them capsized and they look to be part of it. Be lovely to be on the water today but we have been working.

My sari hearts for Valentine's Day. On a background of more sari ribbon with a bit of Shakespeare to set the scene. I have told Ian not to get me red roses tomorrow but to wait until the price is back to normal - ha ha.


Heather said...

SLAM must have had a job not to collide with the capsized boat - they look dangerously close. Love the sari ribbon hearts piece and I agree with you about the price of roses for Valentine's Day. We are back to wet and windy today but yesterday was lovely and I got lots of gardening done.

Hoola Tallulah said...

the sari hearts are wonderful, love those colours!

carole brungar said...

Ha, great idea with the roses! Very over rated for what you have to pay for them.
Am loving your sari hearts!

Judy said...


Hope if the boys capsized or were involved in one they are ok. The sari ribbons are lovely for your Valentines art work.


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