Thursday, February 24, 2011

o boy

 am I hot - I have had to go out 4 or 5 times today - the car is like an oven when you get in and perspiration pours off you. I wish we had a little pool in our back garden cleaned of course by someone else (been there done that) so I could hop in and out during the day to cool off. I know we have air con but I am not made for this weather. Perhaps I could climb in with the waterlilies....

this is the most inspiring thing I have managed to do today - not good when I have such a long list. Tomorrow we will be busy getting ready for our big warehouse in the back garden sale. In the meantime we are about to have champagne becasue Ian has finally finished the big behind the scenes job he has been doing on the website.


Robin Mac said...

We have finally had a slightly cooling breeze - thank goodness. I hope Perth cools down a bit before your big day on Saturday.
I am so glad to know all your family in NZ is safe. Every picture I see of the devastation seems to be worse than the previous one. Give me a cyclone any day in preference to that - but of course good weather and no catastrophes all round would be the very best. Cheers.

Heather said...

I'm sure the waterlilies wouldn't mind if you went for a paddle. It's even been warmer here today and I went out without a coat! Unheard of recently. I love the stitching and hope you enjoy your champagne.

quiltmom said...

Tho photos of beautiful Christchurch are so sad- so much damage Mother Nature has created in the places down under both floods and earthquakes - My hope is that your loved ones are safe and that you find yourselves supported through these challenging days.

Warmest regards,


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