Thursday, February 03, 2011

Missed February

Somehow I missed February so welcome to it. Some of the other cats are a bit too eager but they have to wait their turn.

I thought I would show you some of my working spots in my studio - I have several things on the go in different places. This doesn't mean that everything is tidy mind you.

As you can see , I am still working on my sari ribbon cushion but as I now have a front and a back I shall be able to join them together very soon.

Working on Lesson 3 of Hot Needles Cool Stitches

Getting ready to start embellishing my slow cloth - I have managed to lose the little bag of buttons the ladies at Vinnies gave me but I found some mother of pearl ones in the shop. This cloth is so lovely to work on - sort of slow stuff.

I am working with Lutradur in several different weight along with fusible webbing. All painted with Opulence Inks and ready to attck with my soldering iron (aka Creative Versa Tool wonderful toy that it is)

Here are the paints I am using - they have the most magical sheen. And they are made in Australia.

And here is my pile of different Lutradur and painted webbing all waiting for me to get back to work.

To all my friends in North Old - so pleased the cyclone wasn't like they said and I hope you are all surviving okay. It is pretty windy here - I thought you had sent us some of the wind to share the load.

Tonight we are honoured to be guests at Little Saigon for Chinese New Year. We have to be there by 7pm to make sure we see the dragon race.


Heather said...

Happy Chinese New Year! Your studio looks very tidy inspite of all that's going on in there. I'm doing that with my sari ribbon. The Hot Needles samples look good and I just love the painted Lutrador - gorgeous colours. The slow cloth is going to be fabulous - love those little pearl buttons. What a relief the cyclone is lessening - hope all are safe.

Amanda said...

It's always nice to see inside real studios. Have a great New Year, lots of pics I hope! The dragon race sounds fun.

Numinosity said...

I'm loving working with the sari silk ribbons lately myself.
beautiful colors!
xoxo Kim


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