Sunday, June 20, 2010

weekend of sport

In between a variety of activities like making flowers, sampling for the next Gilding the Lily lesson, writing up a Holey Moley page or two, sorting all my stuff for the working artists studio in Brisbane and packaging last minute stuff for the show, and playing with the rust powder which has finally arrived (not on web yet), we watched a bit of sport.

The All Blacks had a wonderful win against Wales in Dunedin, sadly the Wallabies just missed out and then we watched some of the soccer but it was too much so we went to bed but we did see Harry Kewell get a red card. Wonder how the All Whites will go tonight and if we will last the distance.

I have been researching our family histories and have managed to get the Rollersons back about 8 generations - all very interesting. in my web wanderings I discovered Papers Past. Papers Past contains more than one million pages of digitised New Zealand newspapers and periodicals. The collection covers the years 1839 to 1932 and includes 58 publications from all regions of New time for solitaire now - I have spent hours reading old newspapers - fascinating stuff indeed. I have printed out a few pages to add to the growing folders. I have been chasing the Dustins as well - only back about 5 generations there.


建月 said...
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Heloise said...

It is such great fun doing family research. Enjoy all your discoveries.

Heather said...

Tracing family history is fascinating stuff. I am lucky that one of our daughters is doing it for us - she is very keen and working on both sides of our family as well as her husband's.

Ali Honey said...

A great sporting weekend for Kiwis. Wins by ABs; Magic in Netball and now a second soccer draw! wow!


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