Wednesday, June 09, 2010

holiday shots and some

 The path to our villa - loads of wonderful frangipani trees everywhere.

This was our outside dining room in Broome - very private and relaxing,

This is the shower tile - I thought I took one of the whole wall so you could see it really was like a quilt. must have vanished.

Today we are running in circles here packaging for Brisbane - the show might be two weeks away but our stuff goes on Friday and as punishment for having a holiday in Broome I am running around a tad. With Qantas luggage changes what is heavy must go on the train and even light things add up in a suitcase. I guess we will get there - we usually do.

the entrance to our villa - they are all the same - open but private.

Downunder Textiles issue 2 arrived today so we are sending them out along with everything else - just a wee bit behind but these things are always worth waiting for. Our kitchen looks like a storm has been through but come Saturday I promise to have it pretty spic and span......


Heather said...

Your holidays pics are great and I love the outdoor dining room - couldn't get away with that in the UK! With all you have to do in the next 2 or 3 weeks you'll need another holiday to recover.

andreac said...

You two really know how to find the best places for relaxation don't you? Wow what a lovely spot. The shower wall motif would look good in a project...mmm


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