Tuesday, June 15, 2010

flowers and rain and soccer and i-phones

Here aer a few more flowers - all on tissutex but the shiny ones have fusible film - I am having fun with these - from what you might call conventional to experimental. They are all on the kimberley dreaming theme but the third one I will add some threads - like this one - the unpredictability is great.

Talking of i-phones, Bruce told me the All Black app was worth collecting but I needed to upgrade my phone first - what chaos - it all went dead and no sort of coaxing would make it work. Spent hours on the phone this morning until the suggestion was to take it to i-phone hospital but I would lose all my data.It's back home now and I am pleased to say that most of the stuff is still there although I have lost my typetwister which is silly because it is the only app I have actually purchased, Much happier now though - I was lost last night without it.

We have a little limestone wall along our path - the garden is all finished and we are really thrilled with it. A bonus is that it has rained ever since it was all installed and we don't need to water. Loona next door is not at all sure about this lovely garden and has been standing around looking in. (she is a cat)

Tonight we are going to sit in front of the tv and watch the All Whites play soccer - can't be worse than the unspeakable game played yesterday morning!

I have just had a peep at the Ally Pally workshops  and mine has only 6 places left - that was quick. We are going to have fun with the Moonglow Sprays and the flowers I can see.


Maggi said...

The colours in that first photo are to die for.

Sandy said...

Lovely flowers. Isn't it amazing how hooked we are to technology?

Heather said...

Your experiments with flowers are great - the last one is amazing. I am very impressed with your mastery of technology - it leaves me standing. I'm still learning things about my laptop and our new TV!

Linda said...

Great flowers Dale, love all the effects you've shown, but probably more so the 'blingy' ones......can't help myself. I'm dying to try my new Kimberley Dreaming pack, the colours are magnificent.
Don't understand all the newest technology, still struggling with settings on my PC after four years!!! Really looking forward to Rugby League game over here tonight. GO THE MAROONS!!!!!

Dotti said...

Love the flowers too...what is tissuetex?

怡婷 said...
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