Tuesday, June 22, 2010

my new toy plus more

Judy - here is my new toy - it is called a Big Shot and people who do scrapbooking and such will know more about them than me but they all told me it was the best so I indulged and then of course I needed embossing folders and some dies. It embosses Tissutex and also fabrics - I am still experimenting and I bought a few of Tim Holtz' dies which I have had fun with - I guess most people use card stock but i have found old newspaper articles relating to my themes are working very well. Then I bought a die on e-bay for a scalloped tag which I think will be very handy and as I happened to have a nice piece of paper lying around I needed to test it of course. All this when I am supposed to be packing. The big suitcase full of flimsies and Moonglow Sprays and rods and pods and silk chiffon etc is full. The hardest part for me is what not to take for the artists workshop area. Only two topics am I working on. Kimberlely Dreaming and Okarito so a contrast in colour. Right now I cannot find my Okarito journal....

Cloth Paper Scissors 31 arrived today and we worked like little beavers and got them all out - not one left so I am personally taking Jacinta's with me to Brisbane so I can read it on the plane since there is none for me.It looks like a good issue too. I am absolutely loving Jan Messent's book - sold out of what we got in but more on way. Then I pulled out her book on the Bayeux Tapestry which is so packed with information - it is being reprinted so I have ordered in anticipation. She is a very talented person.


Sandy said...

It looks like a good toy. I love toys.

Heather said...

Like the look of your new toy and what you have been doing with it. CPS looks good too, I'll try to track one down. I've ordered Jan Messent's Bayeux Tapestry book and am having to wait for it. It's very hard to be patient!!

Penny said...

It should emboss shim as well, my cuttlebug does.
Have fun in Brisbane.
Broken Hill was great.

Judy said...


I love your new toy I think it could stretch one's imagination no end, Please show us more.

So looking forward to Cloth, Paper, Scissors thanks for getting them out when you are so busy. I've had 5 months in hospital, am home with a leg cast so I'M rereading all the magazine aggain and planning some new things soon.

Good luck in Brisbane


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