Monday, June 28, 2010

back home to cold Perth

 Here is a part of our stand on Sunday - this time we really tried to make it so you didn't have to grovel around on the floor looking for goodies. Sunday morning Jacinta got in ahead of us and revamped a number of places especially where the big containers were as good as empty.

Amazing to come back to Perth and feel cold - I think it is so unusual that you don't expect it. The weather in Brisbane was lovely although lots of Queenslanders told me it was too cold - we haven't been there before at this time of the year and really enjoyed that part. We stayed not far from the centre and enjoyed our walk to and from the Convention Centre. We had a great time at the Textile Art Festival and especially having Jacinta come and play and work for us as well. I thought my idea of the Artists at Work went down very well - I think I got the prize for the messier of the two of us - sometimes I just cannot resist bringing everything because I know people will want to see as much as they can. We both loved having you all watch us at work!

Here is the lovely ever-so-talented Kirry Toose at work on the Bernina stand - tomorrow I shall post some of the glorious Art-U-Wear garments. If I know very soon what the theme is for next year I really will try to have an attempt. I forgot to take any piccies of Jacinta at work and in fact we forgot to take any of our working artists area but all you have to do is to imagine chaos.

Also - congrats to all of you who came with the right answer - of course it was the All Whites! And thanks to all of you who came to see us, buy from us, chat to us etc. It wasn't as busy as last year but the exhibits were all great and we did sell out of quite a few goodies. Try as hard as I might, it always happens.

We did manage to watch both rugby games on Saturday night although I slept soundly very soon afterwards. And we found last year's restaurant - Barolo (yes now we have 2 - one in Brisbane and one in Perth) and had a few very nice meals there. Last night we went to Southbank to Piaf - I would recommend that to anyone too.


Heather said...

All those lovely goodies Dale - so much temptation. Glad TAF went well for you - I think everyone enjoys seeing artists at work. We are sizzling here in the UK - you don't hear that very often!

Robin Mac said...

I took quite a few photos of your artist's area Dale, they will be on my blog shortly - it was fantastic to see you both working. I didn't think Brisbane was cold at all, so I don't know why the Brisbanites were complaining! Cheers, Robin


Just thought I'd pop over and say hello. It was nice to see you on The Sketchbook Project


Chriss said...

Hi Dale, We all loved having you at the Textile festival too, and I particularly loved the demo's. They were a great way to show many people lots of new stuff and has inspired me no end. I may even try felting!thanks again.


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