Thursday, June 17, 2010

fabulous new book.

Just got this fabulous new book in today from Jan Messent. I have always found her books to be amazingly good and this one is one of the best. She has used the idea of journals or hand made books to illustrate the various historical periods full of samples in an authentic and  modern way. It is full of great inspirational ideas and has sent me back to rethink how I am making my Kimberley Dreaming and Okarito books. Ian has loaded it to the website. There are loads of books on the market these days and so many of them are rubbish so I have become quite cautious about what I order in. So many people simply plagiarising stuff and so many books only worth flicking through. Jan's will sit by my bed for quite some time I can tell you.

Wasn't the soccer result for NZ brilliant? It is so boring that Ian was sound asleep and I woke him up to tell him the match was as good as over when the goal happened. It is like watching grass grow though. And the noise sure puts you off. Just as well I had a heap of threads to wind.

We have continued to have lovely rain just what the new garden needs and I am still making flowers. Wonder what will happen when I burn the kunin felt from the back after I have made a flower?


Robin Mac said...

I hope you show us some photos when you do burn it back. Cheers,

Maggi said...

Lovely book which comes highly recommended by so many people.

Sandy said...

I have all the Messant books.
The horns are off putting at the soccer games, but at least the ones we've watched have been well played.
Rain here too, but it's supposed to be spring.

Heather said...

I had that book for my birthday Dale, it's wonderful isn't it? I have always loved Jan Messent's work and think I must have all her books. I'm itching to get started on another fabric/altered book of my own. We find that it's quite restful watching the soccer with the sound off. It's not that important in our house as my husband is a rugby enthusiast.

Thimble Fingers said...

Have you got many books in stock? If so, I'll grab one from you. I love her books.
Know what you mean about the soccer ... I can't watch it. Its like sitting next to a giant bee hive with all that buzzing going on.
See you at the Textile Fair in Brisbane ... going over for the weekend.


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