Sunday, June 13, 2010

relaxing days

We decided we had earned a break after working hard all week - yesterday we watched our front garden being created. This is the first time I haven't planted my own plants and I have to say I felt a little guilty but I have got over that now. It looks great - all native plants and match nicely with what was there or rather was was left - eucalyptus trees, lots of kangaroo paws, grevilleas and other things to go with them - it will look great when it has had a chance to settle in and grow. The little limestone walls will happen this week - to stop the water flooding the path. The willie wagtails are especially enjoying it all and this morning when we woke there were lots of excited chattering birds. Now we have one more biggish size spot at the back to tackle.

Then we went off to watch 2 very good games - the ABs won aganst Ireland and the aussies beat the poms and the first game especially was very good - not sure about the ref in the second game - his voice alone drove me nuts.

Today was relaxing too - cleaned up more stuff and got working on my flowers - lots of variations and these are fun. The workshops for Ally Pally went up yesterday - and the bookings open tomorrow. I am doing a workshop on the Thursday using the Moonglow Sprays and micas - and making a flower power brooch. I am only doing the one workshop this year.

This afternoon we took ourselves off to the valley again for lunch - to Little River Winery again - very pleasant and relaxing.

Back into it tomorrow


Heather said...

You don't need to feel guilty about getting someone to do the garden for you - you seem to put in 25hours work a day! I've forgiven the Aussies for beating the Poms - it's only a game after all!!

Robin Mac said...

Your garden is going to look lovely in another few months. Bill would agree with you about the ref for the Aussie game - he grumbled all through the match about the terrible ref! cheers, Robin

Ali Honey said...

His voice and intrusion into the game spoilt it for us too!

Doreen G said...

Those refs love the sound of their own voices-but nobody else does.
I watched the game and realised that I hardly knew any of the Aussie players.
Bring back George Gregan and the rest of those retired Brumbies then I may follow it again.


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