Tuesday, June 29, 2010

beautiful and copius irises

The front garden looks good even though we went away and left it for a few dyas - the flowers are still opening so we didn't miss out. In the meantime the irises outside the back door have never been so prolific. That's the basil pot all dead and gone but the mint is hanging in there. This is the first time I have ventured out of the back door and I still have half a suitcase to unpack. The near empty palette will be back next Monday but I have been reorodering quite a few things - lots more to go. For all those people hanging in for us to find a good soldering iron, we are in negotiations and will have a fabulous one arriving (well lots of them really) in about 2 months - they have to be made especially for us here in Australia and New Zealand. it's always exciting and satifying when you finally track down something you have been looking for for ages.

Should be back on track with all the orders by the end of tomorrow and I am ever hopeful of getting into the studio tomorrow. It isn't really that long until the show here in Perth when you come to think of it. I am trying to drag out my winter woolies but once we got the house warm we slept like babes last night and actually slept in until 7am...

I am also waiting patiently for my sketchbook to arrive for The Sketchbook Project. And today I received my copy of Carla Sonheim's book 52 Drawings. You may recall that I did an on-line workshop - The Art of Silliness  - I haven't done every day yet but it is all ready for me to carry on when I have time. This is a wonderful book.


Heather said...

The irises are lovely - they are one of my favourite flowers. I like the look of your book on drawing for mixed media artists. It looks like fun. Hope you find your winter woollies - I wish I was slimmer and in better shape so I could let a bit more flesh out, but at my age it all looks better covered up!

Penny said...

Oh good, are you stocking that book? I was looking at it on some one elses blog and thinking I would like it. Did she do an on line class?
Glad you had a good time and glad you are back.
Full of cold but had a good week end at Broken Hill.


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