Monday, August 03, 2009

the weekend gone

As usual we had a huge stand - bigger than every this year I think but it is so lovely and people can get around and actually see things. Mareene is so very good to us.

People often think we have shares in the plastic basket industry.....

What a fabulous and very busy weekend we have just had. the show in Perth was superb - thanks to Mareene who organises it, and to all the wonderful customers who came to see us and buy more goodies for their stashes. Not to mention Jaslyn who not only worked hard but brought us food such as nuts and fruit. Very healthy indeed. And then she and Oliver made our lives so much easier by helping us packup at the end. We were home and unpacked and off to GoGos by 8.30pm.

It was wonderful having Maggie as a guest and I know everyone loved her - lots of fun working away and chatting to people. There were always loads of people at her stand and so many disappointed that her 2 workshops are already very full.I have to go try embellishing onto newspaper and baking parchment sprayed with Starburst Sprays as soon as I get a chance. Tomorrow and Wed are her workshops. I shall take my camera.

These are some of the student art to wear from the show - the display was wonderful this year - and great cover. This one is my choice for The Thread Studio prize - I am sorry I don't have the names of either of the artists but Jenny will be sure to tell me.

This one is the winner of the Janome sewing machine - lucky girl - overall winner.

Unfortunately I have waited all day for the unpacking fairy to arrive and it looks like it will be all down to me - it's going to take a while as I will be in and out with the two workshops and of course, you guessed it, Quilting Arts mags and a couple of boxes of new books rocked up today as well, along with the Divas and some wonderful beads - oooh. And loads of stuff from Jacinta which didn't quite get here in time for the show.


Heather said...

The show looked fantastic and your stand was stuffed with irresistable things - good job I wasn't there!! Hope the fruit and nuts gave you enough energy to cope with all that unpacking - it's never as much fun as packing is it? Commiserations with the rugby but better luck next time.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Looks and sounds as if you had a wonderful show, and your going to be at Maggie's workshops, oh! wow is me I am full of envy, but you have to work too so I'm sorry about that.


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