Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the customer from hell

I am sure we all have them - not necessarily customers but someone we know or have run across. 99 out of 100 of our customers are the most wonderful people you could find (apart from the one who stole my flower stitch book) but we have this lady in Melbourne (who has pointed out to me that Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia - I know the west is considered backwards but believe me we do know that piece of info) who thinks that blind freddie could do better than me in selecting colours and she is very important etc etc - you need to remember that I was a school teacher in my previous life - enough said and now I have vented my spleen I have forgotten her name. Well I haven't but I won't be quite naughty enough to write it here.

I have been walnutting some more - working on rag paper which has such a lovely feel to it. Here I have done the cling film trick and for the bottom one some gesso as well. It is interesting to see the shapes you get.

Ian has just loaded my new section on the website - Pretty Little Things - something I have had in the planning since the end of last year. Just had to decide how to display all the teeny things I find that will be gone once they are sold. It is always so hard to work out how to add them to the catalogue - so Ian has called the section 'a moving feast' which sums it up so well.

Playing with Glitz Spritz on black Tweeny (now you will get confused with tweeny and teeny) alphabet shapes and they are so yummy. I will get Ian to load them on the web when they have dried.

Back to the walnut ink and the lovely sprays


Gina said...

I had to smile at your "customer from hell"! Just occasionally one gets a student like that too... not often thank goodness. Love these effects with the walnut ink.

A Creative Life said...

I emphatise with you, as we collect our precious books so lovingly and one would hope everyone could respect that, hope it was just a mistake and you will get your book back soon

Heather said...

Can you look at the loss of your stitched book as a sort of compliment? Whoever took it must have wanted it so much. The 'important' lady can be ignored though she'll rankle for a while I expect. I love the texture and colour of your walnut ink piece and look forward to seeing more.

Sandy said...

Just remember about the customer that she has NO friends-who could like her.

Nice samples.

Doreen G said...

Seeing as she is so important I hope she reads this and recognises her self and realises that in the big scheme of things she is not really that important --just rude.

Robin Mac said...

I agree with Doreen, but she probably thinks she is too important to be bothered reading blogs! Love the textures in your walnut piece. Now I am off to look up the catalogue for the tweenies. Cheers, Robin

Judy said...


In another life I worked in retail sales and have met a few customers from hell, i do sympathise. Rather nice results from Walnuting.

Sue in Melbourne said...


I feel your pain. We have a few of those. Isn't it funny how we can have some of the best people as customers to brighten our day but one bad one can bring the whole week down. Off to look at the catalogue now.


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