Wednesday, August 26, 2009

action in Bulwer Street

Yes we are back at Grant's - and excitement this morning when the builders turned up to start on the front and side - the bobcat man arrived as well. This is to prove they are there. Tonight the path should have gone and a lot more.

Just to let you know what the strong arm of the law are up to on a Tuesday morning at 7.30am in a busy street where you would be pushing to go over 60k - 3 police cars, 7 police and 1 speed gun. I pay for these people to stand around - one policeman did not even get out of the car. Hope there is no crime in the good city of Perth this morning.

And as I said, I didn't like my Goddess Roseus so I made a new one - about half of the stitching on top is done but I fear it will be late. But not by much.


Doreen G said...

Just think Dale that was probably the hilite of their day.

Bruce Rollerson said...

Isn't that front police car illegally parked?

Judy said...


Hope it all goes well at Grant's, and a bit of nostagia, we stayed in Bulwer street in'85 with our relies who were working in Perth at the time.


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