Saturday, August 22, 2009


The wattle, the grevilleas and the bottlebrushes are just starting to come into bloom and when I was out today I saw quite a few rosellas having fun. We also have 2 black crows who hang around just down the road - must try and get a pic of them.

So far so good for the leak in the kitchen.

Grant is back for the weekend so we have moved back home - he is working hard moving stuff and working through activities. We are off to have a bbq (yes it might rain) - I have French cutlets all rubbed with lots of spices and then it is the rugby - oooh - fingers crossed.


Robin Mac said...

wow, Dale you must have spent most of the game on the edge of your seat!! Cheers, Robin

Heather said...

Those birds are so colourful and the flowering shrubs sound gorgeous. Perhaps I should buy a second home in Australia and escape our dreary winters! There are two snags - not enough money and I don't think you'd have us at our age!! Oh yes, and I don't like spiders! Good luck with the BBQ and the rugby.

Aussie Jo said...

I hope the roof saga is solved. We had a similar problem a few years ago with my husband trying to fix a leak. Then there was a huge storm and the ceiling in the lounge caved in. I put my foot down and got in a roofing specialist, seems the valleys were all rusted through!!! No problems since.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Aren't rosellas amazing colours? They look like a child coloured them in.


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