Friday, August 07, 2009


Are we able to sit in our lounge? No - the space has been taken over with the shipment of beautiful slushies. On the right is Ian's sofa so no sitting down for him. And then Martien came with a delivery of wool tops as well so it seemed appropriate to add to the chaos. But it was worth it - the slushies are processed in Milan - Australian fine merino and silk sliver carded together- especially for us. They are so soft and luscious to touch. Who cares about sitting in the lounge? Shall I mention the bedroom yet? But I am getting there and I did venture into my studio last night and gather some materials to play with and turned on my embellisher and had a little play there as well. Soon be back to 'normal'


Judy said...


WOW! You suffer much for your cutomers, any more deliveries you'll have to move to Grant's house.

Heather said...

At least it is clean and tidy muddle and you and Ian could always make a snug nest in the middle of it all if you get tired!!

Pat said...

you tempt us. you do seduce with that lovely-sounding wool and silk. yummy yum. i want to have a look-see. i want to touch. to smell its fragrance.

Sandy said...

They look yummy. There never is enough room for everything.

Viv Estill said...

just send a few packs over here if you haven't room Dale!!
Always glad to oblige!


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