Saturday, March 07, 2009

War of the Roses

Last night we went to part 1 of the Sydney Theatre Company production of War of the Roses. It really was wonderful but nearly 4 hours and part 2 is tonight. We have been so very busy this week catching up - this is punishment for going to AQC - but we stopped at 3.30, rushed around to Bruce and Kazuko's and watched the rugby - yes I haven't been mentioning it and we have missed watching for 2 weekends but the Hurricanes won 2 weeks in a row with another game this morning for this week. Then we rushed off to the theatre. Cate Blanchett is a superb actress and in fact all of the cast are magnificent. So glad we booked and went even if you do get fidgety sitting for that long and wanting to stretch your legs. We do get used to lounging around in front of a tv screen. Not to mention trying to remember/sort out that much history in a short time. It is a long time since I studied this period of history. Things haven't changed though.

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