Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Holey Moley

Since sending out the newsletter last night I have had so many emails from people asking me about Holey Moley - or more important - what is this on-line workshop going to be about? Well - this little pic above which used to be my blog header and which is on my bookmark business card generated more interest at AQC than any other piece I can recall having on display. It's my little secret but it will be part of the workshop. Basically (and remember I haven't written it yet) the workshop will be 6 lessons, centred around and beyond things to do with space and holes and stitch and burn and dissolve and design and lace. That should be something for you to think about. It will be ready to roll in June/July. My brain is busy.

Last night we had a bbq and picnic down by the river - Ian could watch the planes landing and leaving and we enjoyed the peaceful river and surrounds and it was nice and cool.


Gill G said...

It all sounds very intriguing - holey moley sounds like a title of a song, oh no that was mony mony by Billy idol!!!!

Heather said...

Another mouth-watering workshop by the sound of it. I shall have to get my laptop sorted or will go mad with envy at all these lovely things going on without me! I love the look of the little Holey Moley strip you show here.


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