Thursday, March 26, 2009

More H and TAF in Brisbane

Here are 3 pages from my Hundertwasser book. Feb 2005 I see on the back of one - no wonder I had forgotten what the pages looked like. Has made me get all my H books back out though.
Aren't these 3 pages all wonderful?

This one was created by Anita Jenkins

This one by Pam Annesley

This one by Marj Long

The info for the Textile Art Festival in Brisbane is finally up on the web. Originally I was going to do a workshop on the Saturday but for various reasons I changed from that and I am now doing a stage presentation each day at 11am(half hour session) and a hands0n workshop each day at 1pm (1 hour session). There is no charge for either of these but the hands -on requires bookings. You can do this with me - there are limited places and there will be a kit which costs $20. It's a Ratty Tatty Papers hands-on. Email me if you want to book - Friday and Saturday already have quite a few people booked into.

This is our culture period with variations. Tonight we are off to Shane Warne the Musical - same people who did Keating the musical and we thoroughly enjoyed that.


maggi said...

Wonderful pages, as are yours on the previous post. I was not aware of him so looked him up and his work is inspirational.

Heather said...

The Hundertwasser pages are just glorious - to see the whole book must be mindblowing. I hope the Brisbane Festival is a great success, and I'm sure you'll have plenty of customers. Enjoy the musical and don't work too hard.


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