Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Stuff

First my apologies for calling David Hobson 'some other guy' - I was so excited about going to see Teddy I just couldn't think of his name. It was a fabulous concert and they both were wonderful. Ian loves the Pearl Fishers Duet and I have just ordered him their cd so he can indulge to his heart's content (and I will listen too). We have had some drama with our security update and the Sonos system and couldn't listen to any music - all solved now.

Two pics from Hyde Park on my morning walk today - we are very lucky to have this wonderful park - there are big issues with t he lack of water but they are working on a very good propsal at present.

And another little rust play - this time on Lutradur with some stamping and shot poly organza and my trusty heat gun.

Too many rugby games yesterday to be able to watch but the Highlanders had a goos win and the Chiefs a fabulous win over the Blues - really enjoyed what we saw of that. The Crusaders came good and looked a little like the Crusaders of old and sad to say the Force got rather slaughtered in the second half. We had a sleep in this morning after all that watching.


Alice said...

Ah well, if you are a Kiwi then I will forgive you for momentarily forgetting David Hobson's

I'm glad you enjoyed the concert, which has been gaining capacity audiences throughout Australia and great reviews.

Just a warning though - if you are expecting to hear 'In the Depths of the Temple' on the new CD, you will be disappointed by its omission, although I feel sure you will love the 16 tracks they have recorded so beautifully.

The duet from The Pearl Fishers is included on the 'Presenting David Hobson' CD, which is still available, and also on the 100 Top Classics, both produced by the ABC. That particular version of the duet has been rated as the most popular operatic aria ever in Australia.

I loved Teddy as well. He appeared to be a lovely, down-to-earth man, with a fantastic voice, and he and David have a wonderful rapport.

Heather said...

We love the Pearl Fishers duet too. You must be all rugby'd out after all that supporting! I can understand how the stress affects the health of some team managers - I am not that keen on the game but sometimes the tension even gets to me.

Heather said...

It's me again - all that talk of rugby made me forget to say how much I like your Lutrador piece.

Gill G said...

Lutrador rusty is looking great - I love the colours. Have got a piece of muslin wrapped around some old very rusty chains to try out some rust die!! Looks gross at the moment but am hoping the colours will come out well! Got the idea from Workshop on the Web. We went to a wedding at Hyde Park 2 weeks ago, it was lovely - beautiful big trees.Disappointing w/e for the Aussie teams, they just have to work harder!!

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Sitting here having a fit of nostalgia over Hyde Park; one of our daughters lived in Bulwer Street for many years when we holidayed with her we used to go and sit in Hyde Park under the shady trees to escape the heat, such a beautiful place Perth.

Love the Lutradur piece!


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