Monday, March 02, 2009

back home again

Been and gone - and back home again. We had a great time in Melbourne - the Royal Exhibition building is glorious and we prepared ourselves for a few very hot days inside - we had a wonderful old fan near our stand (never seen anything like it before in my life) but we failed to take many photos at all. We loved the interior and exterior of the building - if you go to Melbourne it is a must see. And yes - it rained a little on Sunday morning - what bliss. Such a lovely fresh smell.

Ian took 2 pics while we were setting up - we always like to be at the end so we can spread as much as possible because we have so much stuff and we know our customers like to fossick. I would hate to be right inside the door or in the middle. You can also see we have abandoned the cloth around table stuff and never aim for the best dressed stand. I spend stressful nights wondering how to get everything on display and not one of our lovely customers ever tells us off - I think people have learned that it is quite okay to look under the table as well as on it - and around it..... and then we forgot to take any more pics but we were ever so busy.

Anyway it was wonderful to see so many people and to chat to so many people - we love you all - you help keep us in business and you help me to continue indulging in my art. I enjoyed giving my seminar even after fighting through the crowds. And we went to Lau's Family Kitchen on Saturday night which was as good as last time.

The Connections exhibition looked wonderful. We will start photographing them now that we are back home - I did feel better lighting would have gone down well for all of the quilts and other exhibitions - and as I am just starting my newsletter (genuine reason to be late this month) I iwll announce the winners there. I was so lucky that 2 wonderful Guild ladies hung it all for me.

Rae and Jacinta tell me that there is a fire alert again for tonight and tomorrow so my thoughts stay with them and every one else who hopefully will not be affected.

Off to do more work such as the rest of the unpacking of suitcases..... and desperate to get to the studio to play (after I have tidied and cleaned out the spider webs)


Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Glad you had good visit in melbouren I agree about the wonderful Exhibition Buildings, I grew up in Melbourne and know it well, even back then before restoration it was a lovely old building. The fires round Melbourne are such a worry will be thinking of Rae and Jacinta, praying all is well for them.

Aussie Jo said...

Dale, it was great to see you and your fantastic textile books in the flesh.(and also stock up on a few necessities!!)
I'm considering taking the portable hard drive and laptop to work with me tomorrow, just in case.
Our fire plan is: we have no hope of saving the house when it is surrounded by 40 year old cypress and gum trees.

Clare W said...

Gosh I only wish I were on the other side of the world! Your stand looked jam packed and I'd love to have been a fossicker!

maggi said...

How lovely to see a trader who thinks about the customers rather than the stand just looking pretty. The things you sell are pretty enough anyway. Glad you had a good time.

Heather said...

Never trust a stallholder with a flashy looking stall! It's quality stuff we're all after and that's what counts. Hope you're not too exhausted and glad the weekend was a success. We are all still hoping and praying your weather will break soon and that everyone will be safe from more awful fires. I'm now off for a fossick through your website, Heather.

Penny said...

We have had a bit of rain here in South Australia, but not enough and so far the wind isnt here but I imagine it will come.
It was interesting to see the building in a different light, the last time John and I were there were at the Federation official celebrations, I think he was Mayor at the time and all mayors got an invite, a wonderful experience except for having to sit for hours and having problems finding a loo!!
I loved seeing the connections display and it was absolutely fabulous seeing what people did and the winners was incredible.

Monica said...

The only thing i noticed about your stall was the overflowing cornucopia of goodies. And the more I fossicked, the more I found. I had a great time.


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