Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday rugby stuff

2 great wins today - the Highlanders beat the Bulls - yeah - and the Chiefs had a wonderful win over the Reds. Go the Hurricanes tonight. I spent part of the afternoon reloading Paint Shop Pro but I don't think that was my printing problem after all so tomorrow I will have to reload my printer. I want to play with a couple of products and it is driving me nuts. In between waiting fro the computer to do whatever it was or wasn't going to do, I made some different fabrics for my Stonehaven book cover - tomorrow I shall be digitizing some letters and then the front cover will be finished and I can get onto the back cover.

Daylight saving stops tonight - I read in the paper that more people than I thought are supporting it so only hope like mad that the referendum in April succeeds. The smart people from the north west want to secede for the summer if it doesn't.


Heather said...

Two happy households from opposite sides of the globe enjoying their rugby results!! Looking forward to seeing your book cover. We put our clocks forward one hour tonight, but are happy to have lighter evenings. Hope your referendum brings you the result you hope for.

Doreen G said...

Let's hope the smart people outsmart the not so smart people.


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