Friday, July 25, 2008

WIld Women Challenge and lots more rain

Lots of Wild Women arrived today - deadline day apart from those who have pleaded to be late.... why is it that we all work to the very end of the deadline? I thought I would show a couple - hope they don't mind. The first one is Ileana's and the second one Delys'

If you are coming to the show next Fri - Sun you will be able to see them all and lots more. Sarah has been spending her free time stitching away - I have only been doing boring stuff like packaging with lots more to do. Today we went exploring and I found some very interesting stuff for experimenting with - I will have it at the show. We also found some interesting pastels yesterday which we have been having a wee play with and some liquid pencil which I Know will go with my Graphitints but I haven't had a chance to try them yet.

It has rained heaps today so not so much fun for Sarah having a holiday.

Just to remind everyone that there is a BIG rugby game tomorrow in Sydney.


Penny said...

Hope mine arrived ok and please send some of that rain our way. I walked today and couldnt believe how dry we still are.Hope Sarah has a lovely time, wish I was there.

Helen Cowans said...

There are 5 wild women in my box. Get them out if you need to.

Robin Mac said...

I only ended up sending one, but I hope it arrived in time. We have had lots of rain too, wish I could be at the show. Cheers, Robin

Dawnie said...

Well I'm one of those that left it last minute and missed the deadline, HA! but will wear mine to the show and wish to thankyou for the inspiration.I just adore these delightful gals.

Dawnie T


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